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Work with Blobs
Work with Queues
Work with Tables

Package Contents

Provider Assembly Blob support Queue support Table support
Windows Azure Cloud4Net.Azure.dll Yes Azure Blob Storage Yes Azure Queue Storage Yes Azure Table Storage
AWS Cloud4Net.AWS.dll Yes Amazon S3 Planned Planned Amazon SQS Planned Planned Amazon SimpleDB
RackSpace Cloud4Net.RackSpace.dll Planned Planned Not supported Not supported Not supported Not supported
NTFS Cloud4Net.FileSystem.dll Yes NTFS Files Not planned Not planned Not planned Not planned
ASP.NET Cache Cloud4Net.Caching.dll Yes ASP.NET inproc cache Yes (pass-thru) Yes (pass-thru)

MSBuild Task Assembly Import Purpose
CopyBlob Cloud4Net.BuildTasks.dll Cloud4Net.Targets Transfer containers and their blobs from provider A to B, with metadata
DumpAzureLogs Cloud4Net.BuildTasks.dll Cloud4Net.Targets Move data from Windows Azure Diagnostic Tables and Blobs into MSSQL database for easier access

Assembly Purpose
Cloud4Net.Abstractions.dll Abstractions
AWSSDK.dll Dependency of AWSProvider
Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient.dll Dependency of AzureProvider
Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Diagnostics.dll Dependency of Cloud4Net.BuildTasks

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